This Date Will Give You an Appetite (For Love)

Date Night Cooking School

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

There is something profound about a date night cooking & preparing food with your lover.

It is an experience that encompasses the full gamut of your senses:

  • The fragrance & freshness of your ingredients awakens your sense of smell.
  • The kinaesthetic experience of your mise en place, preparing & placing your ingredients & tools gets you right into your body.
  • Taste as you go, the individual ingredients, and at each stage of cooking, it will not only make you a better cook, but it will stimulate your taste buds and get your mouth watering.
  • The sounds of the sizzling, and the easy banter of a kitchen, combined with the words you share, create a sonic atmosphere that is light and fun.
  • And finally, the visual elements;  the final plating is aesthetically beautiful. AND the sight of your lover smiling in the kitchen with you is the cherry on top!

Set yourself up for a win from the get-go. Choose a cuisine you both LOVE, pitched at the level of skill that you can BOTH enjoy. And start working up an appetite…

Newcastle and the Hunter Valley are spoilt for choice with The Essential Ingredient  bringing a huge variety of classes for all tastes & levels , you could check out Pork Ewe Deli for their classes & tastings,  WEA Hunter for Indian, Cake Decorating, Italian (and more) or head to the vineyards and learn to make cheese, taste wine, make mouth-watering Thai, Vietnamese, pasta, sushi….

For added points book a night’s accommodation & make a weekend of it.