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Date Night Ideas – Movie Night

This isn’t just any date night, create an experience by planning a movie night extravaganza! Select a movie (or a series) that you know your partner will love, it could be a favourite of theirs, or one they have expressed a desire to see. (If you don’t know, FFS ask!) WHERE TO GO FOR MOVIE…

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How Fragile are your Friendships?

Smashed Glass symbolising fragile friendships

How fragile are your friendships? I mean, let’s get really real here. How do you respond if someone doesn’t reply to your text? What do you do if it seems ‘hard’ to arrange a catch-up? Which of your invisible rules have you articulated to your friends? Are you flexible and generous in your interpretations? Get it off your…

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How to Know When to Commit

Storm troopers show relationship commitment

I used to think that commitment to a partner was a choice that would follow from a feeling of certainty. That there would be a point where I could say “Now the time is right. This is the person for me.“ and at that point I would take the next natural step in the relationship, whether it…

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What is a Negative Anchor? (And how did kissing become yuck?)

Creating and collapsing anchors

It was early in our relationship when I had my first experience with collapsing anchors (I’ll explain that more as we go). I threw out Jimmy T’s deodorant. I waited till he went to work and then quietly, stealthily, snuck out to the bin and hid it under some stinky rubbish. See, I have been…

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Quarterly Relationship Review: What to Do in the Winter of Love

Relationship cycles: winter

Winter is the season of death, reminding us that all things come to an end. The days are short, cold, and dark. For many, winter is a time of great hunger, sadness, or despair. This is the season in which most relationships end, not realising that spring is just around the corner! In the relationship…

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