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Quarterly Relationship Review: What to Do in the Winter of Love

Relationship cycles: winter

Winter is the season of death, reminding us that all things come to an end. The days are short, cold, and dark. For many, winter is a time of great hunger, sadness, or despair. This is the season in which most relationships end, not realising that spring is just around the corner! In the relationship…

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If you don’t DREAM, your relationship DIES

Dream together with partner

When a couple fails to dream together, they close ALL OF THE DOORS TO POSSIBILITY. They are left with only the options that they stumble over, but don’t have the support systems in place to seize the opportunity. Or, they seize the opportunity and realise many years later that it was never aligned with the…

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Quarterly Relationship Review: What to Do in the Autumn of Love

The Autumn of Love

Autumn is the season of change, symbolising impermanence. As the days grow shorter, and the leaves begin to change, there is a sense of heightened awareness of the coming coolness. As they say in House Stark “Winter is Coming”. In the relationship cycle, autumn is the time to harvest what you have sown & grown. It is the time…

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The Little Things [Celebrate]

This month’s Little Things practice: Celebrate. I’m going to keep it short. It’s nice to find reasons to celebrate a life shared ❤ That’s all I have to say about that. If you are new to the game you can check out other The Little Things practices here. So, here is my invitation for you to…

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Quarterly Relationship Review: What are the Seasons of Love?

Four seasons of relationships

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “The 7 Year Itch”, and indeed many of you may have directly experienced this phenomenon! While you might dismiss it, or question the expression of it, the truth is that I see it all too often in relationships. What I HATE about the whole 7-Year-Itch thing, is that…

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