How to Speak Words of Affirmation

Emotions can be slippery little suckers, tricky to sketch into words. One of the greatest challenges that many couples experience is that one partner is not so much into expressing themselves verbally, and the other yearns to hear the words.

Luckily, many hundreds of years of artists, poets, singers, writers, and lovers, have captured their feelings with soul & beauty. Lyrics, poetry, dialogue in a movie, a quote you see shared on facebook… all of these are ripe sources to pluck a quote that resonates with you. This is a wonderful solution if you’re not so confident with your own words. And even if you are a master wordsmith, it is a romantic and thoughtful way to express your love.

When you read the words that evoke the emotion your partner inspires in you – that’s the moment! Take a visually beautiful card, or piece of card, and write the quote with your very best pen-licensed hand.

Some hot tips to find the right words:

  • Google “lyrics” and the name of a song about love that you like. It doesn’t need to be icky & sweet, could easily be metal, rock, punk, or whatever you’re into, man.
  • Google “love quotes” and dive down that rabbit hole. I’m a personal fan of brainy quotes and especially goodreads, for some less read, and less saccharine insights.
  • Ask your partner for a movie, song, book, poem, painting about love that they think reflects your relationship. Find the bit that you love too.

Which sources do you use to find expressions of love?