Slow Love Reset.

Selective focus of snail on plant
Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

If you're here, it's because you are choosing to relax into the Slow Love Movement by refreshing part of the First 30 series.
That means tomorrow you will restart the series from the place you selected (yesterday, last week, or the beginning).


While you're here, I'll just take a moment to remind you of the Slow Love Instructions;

  1. Relax into Slow. This is a slow movement. Allow yourself to relax into it. It is not better to 'finish' because the power is in bringing your attention to today.
  2. Take Small Steps. It is better to do one thing every day, than to try and do all the things. It is the cumulative effect of small actions over time that creates true intimacy & connection.
  3. Be Consistent. Each day is designed to be small & actionable. When you learn a new action,  do that everyday from then on. If you like, you can always go back a day or back to the beginning. You have all the time you need.
  4. Integrate. Sometimes it takes a while to integrate new things into the rest of your life. It is better to integrate one thing well, than to rush to the next thing.
  5. Be Inconsistent. Life will get in the way. It's likely that at some point you will stop for some reason or other. That's to be expected. Simply begin again wherever you like.


I feel so joyful to share with you the depth of love that comes with a commitment to Slow Change,

Yours in slowness,

Tara x

Remember: Take your time to work through this program. It's what you do today that matters.

The cumulative effect of small actions over time creates true intimacy & connection.