Day Eight.

A flatlay with a piece of paper, two calligraphy pens, and a bottle of ink, there is also a spray of eucalyptus .
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Record your reflections about this first week of Slow Love.

You can record a voice memo, use an app, write in an exercise book or journal. Whatever works for you. It can be helpful to do this daily.

Record anything at all that you have noticed. If you're not sure, you could begin with;

  • How do I feel about Slow Love practice (which may be nothing, impatient, frustrated, excited, reflective, or anything else)
  • Is there an action that feels harder or easier than others?
  • What is my experience of the Embodiment Practice? (Feel )
  • Am I consistent in my practice? Is there a day I'd like to return to?
  • Is there something that would make the logistics of practice easier?

Remember: Take your time to work through this program. It's what you do today that matters.

The cumulative effect of small actions over time creates true intimacy & connection.