Day Six.

Image of shower head running water on blue background.
Photo by Laura Marques on Unsplash

As you have your bath or shower, shift your awareness to how it feels.

Keeping to your normal routine of washing, simply shift your awareness to the physical sensations. You don't have to do, feel, or achieve anything in particular, only a noticing.

Perhaps you notice the temperature of the water, and the contrast in temperature of the air. You might feel the texture of your wash cloth or loofah, or the feel of your fingers massaging your scalp. Notice the difference between the feel of your hand on your body and your body on your hand. This is not about doing anything differently, it is about bringing your awareness into the feeling sense of your body. 

You could even write FEEL on a tile in the shower to remind you to do this every day (whiteboard markers are excellent for this, careful not to write on the grout.)