Day Ten.

heart shaped slices of wood hanging from string
Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay

Add a visual reminder of your commitment to Slow Love somewhere in your home. Perhaps draw a love heart on the mirror in the bathroom. Each time you see it, you can say "I am practising slow love".

You might find that it reminds you to do a specific action. It might simply remind you each day that you are realigning yourself to create a relationship built on small consistent acts of love. This is a great way to help you layer new behaviours with existing habits. For example, as you clean your teeth you notice the heart on the mirror. This prompts you to reflect on the ways you are grateful for your partner. Then you simply note that in your gratitude journal. You see?

Whiteboard markers are amazing for this. I leave notes & reminders for myself on windows, mirrors, and tiles (be careful not to write on the grout!)

Remember: Take your time to work through this program. It's what you do today that matters.

The cumulative effect of small actions over time creates true intimacy & connection.