Should I Stay or Should I Go

What you need to know right now to navigate this time in your relationship.

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Wednesday 6th February @ 6:30pm

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Essential knowledge for a great relationship.


What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:

Secret #1

The 6 biggest mistakes people make when they're thinking about leaving.

Whether you want more or less connection, communication, or intimacy, these 6 mistakes will send you in the wrong direction every time.

Discover where you are on the relationship spiral, and what that means about the action you need to take to move forward.

Secret #2

How to nurture a deep sense of connection, so that you work as a team, not competitors.

Stop putting so much of your time, energy & attention into the wrong things that only lead to you feeling frustrated and even more disconnected.

Find out how to raise issues with your partner without triggering World War III, and how to gracefully navigate together the things that are creating uncertainty in your relationship.

Secret #3

How to be okay in the world (even when your world is falling apart).

So many of my clients are so focused on "fixing" their relationship, they forget to spend time doing what they BOTH love.

They wake up one day and realise they feel trapped in the life they have built, that their health, careers, and happiness have all suffered.

Learn the 3 keys to navigating your life through a time of transition and change.


About Your Host

Tara Whitewood's no B.S. approach to coaching cut's right through the layers of shit, and gets right to the heart of what is happening.

Since 2013, Tara has worked with countless couples who want more romance, more connection, and more joy in their relationships. Tara works with couples and individuals who understand that a life-long love affair with your best friend is attainable and not a fairy tale.

Her signature systems are built around leveraging couples strengths and implementing successful strategies to move through challenge. She’s on a mission to eliminate the frustration & disconnect that all couples experience at times…and replace it with education-based learning.

Tara is the specialist in quick, effective connection techniques that quickly create intimacy and connection for couples.

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