Hi, I'm Tara and I'm a Relationship Coach based at Toronto, on picturesque Lake Macquarie in Newcastle. Through my online resources, coaching, and workshops, I teach couples & individuals the skills and structure of relating. 

As a result, you can dramatically improve the intimacy, passion, and connection in your relationship and learn to manage conflict in a healthy, positive way. Along with the deeper understanding of each other, you will take home tools, and tips to support your relationship in your everyday lives.

Most importantly, this no BS approach means we will cut right through the layers of shit and get to the heart of what is happening. With compassion & insight, as your Relationship Coach, I will support BOTH of you to express your desires, to feel truly heard and understood, and reignite your passion.

Tara Relationship Coach Newcastle NSW


For many years I struggled in my relationships. During that time I felt lonely, unsupported, and disconnected. I kept attracting partners who didn't really care about me, and were only interested in engaging on a superficial level. Despite it all there was always a part of me that yearned for more.

It wasn't until I began my education as a Relationship Coach that I realised that I could do more than just talk about problems! I discovered there are tools & actions to create chemistry and connection.

I'm not going to bang on about my 'journey'

Because it’s not a fucking journey. It’s a series of days and weeks and choices and actions that all add up to make the sum total of your life. There are really hard bits, unfair bits and stupid decisions. Above all, there are glorious successes, joyful moments, and wonderful people.

I don’t want to make this a page about how I did the thing and as a result now have the perfect relationship that you should all want. That’s just not true. Jimmy T and I certainly have our highs and lows, but we're 100% committed to being loving & kind through it all. We choose each other and choose to problem solve, make it better, and build a joyful life together.

What I have come to believe through a slow evolution of thinking, lots of applied learning, and working with hundreds of people as their Relationship Coach, is that there is no single answer to how to do this thing we call relating.

However, there ARE a bunch of helpful strategies that will help YOU navigate your way to what works best in YOUR relationship. That will probably be different in many ways to what everyone around you does. Which is what makes it cool.

What Matters to Me

I’m a quiet soul. Outside of my work as a Relationship Coach, I love nothing better than to hang out with Jimmy T and my two dogs Billy & Roo Beans (um, they even have their own Insta @billyandroobeans). My three favourite activities are gardening, going to the beach, and coffee & chats. I'm a bit sweary, and think life is too short to not follow your dreams.

My values are my guiding light and I work really hard to live them, given that, they are a great litmus test for your compatibility with me.


BEING the person I want to be is the most important thing in the world to me. Relating to people and living a brave life is the hardest thing I've ever chosen to do.

What that means is: choosing to have difficult conversations instead of ghosting people or being passive-aggressive, speaking out against behaviour that conflicts with my values, setting really clear boundaries with others, and asking for what I really want.

Although I am a relationship coach by profession, I can't tell you how hard it is, sometimes I just want to give up. BUT, the results speak for themselves, and the relationships I have are rich, and have depth, and continue to grow.


My default position is to be generous in my assumptions of people. Knowing that everyone has their own personal shit-storm from time to time and presuming the best of them.

That means I am first & foremost kind to myself. This can be challenging because at times it is in direct conflict with my desire to people-please. But it is my number one value as a relationship coach so I work REALLY HARD on this!


I choose to GET things second-hand. In part, because I like to invest my money in other ways, like education & adventure. Also, I love the rich history of things that have their own stories.

But it’s mostly because we live in a world of finite resources and making new ‘stuff’ is an energetic waste. I'm actively working to minimise my footprint on this green earth.

Similarly, this translates into the way I DO things in life and my work as a relationship coach.

I am not into massive rapid change because I don’t believe that the energy required to maintain those changes are sustainable from a personal or relational perspective. Small iterative change over time is my jam.

So, what now?

There's no sell here. You've probably already decided whether you like me as a relationship coach or not, and whether we're a good fit. 

If you're curious about the next steps to work with me as your relationship coach, you can phone or text me on 0423 953 366, email me at tara@thesugardoctor.com.au, or book a Meet & Greet call directly into my calendar. Because the work is hard, but the reward is passion, meaning, and freedom. I say HELLS YEAH!

Tara x

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Working with Tara was an amazing experience. Her style of communication and no-nonsense approach to problem-solving really resonated with me. During the sessions, I learnt a tremendous amount about myself, and how relationships actually work. The experience has helped me to develop a much better understanding of how to resolve conflicts and respond to the emotional needs of others. I highly recommend giving it a go!


~Matt B


Tara has been the catalyst of teaching me a whole new way to love and be loved. I’m madly in love with my man and even though my relationship has been through the wringer; with Tara’s wisdom, support and wealth of knowledge, I have been able to navigate it all successfully and be even more in love than ever. I feel secure, know how to pilot treacherous waters and all thanks to Tara.

As a bi-sexual woman in an ethical non- monogamous ( polyamorous) relationship with some pretty serious deep seeded self-esteem issues, I have encountered my fair share of rock bottom moments in my relationship. Whenever I need a reality check, a wise word or an incredible technique, Tara has been there to assist me with exactly what I need.

She knows when I need to set boundaries, when I need to put my big girl panties on and be the grown up, when I need to slow down and when I need more self care. She makes me work but sure as shit knows her stuff. I cannot recommend this phenomenal human any higher. Do yourself (and your relationship) a favour and get in touch. She’s the bomb.


~ Katie N

"Tara enabled me to see how I could build my own confidence up and the things I could change to make me a better partner. I feel I have more choices than the two I initially though I had in regards to my relationship. I also found a way to move forward and know there is more than one answer!"

~Julie N

"Tara was able to provide us with some really usefully and tangible tools and info to work with. The outcomes for us were that we were able to really highlight the things that are important to us and put into perspective the trivial things."

~Steve Haran & Chris Mostyn

“Tara was recommended to me and I wish I had of made the time to see her sooner. I was frustrated and at a point where I did not know how to deal with what I was feeling and frustrated with myself when trying to communicate with my partner and not being able to improve things. Tara helped me identify areas that I was needing help in and gave me the tools to not only recognise when it was happening but also be able to work through it.

I would recommend Tara to all individuals and couples because she will help you be the best version of yourself and be a better partner”.

~Kym D



  • Internationally Certified Extended DISC Consultant & Trainer
  • Completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Certified Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Practitioner Deep State Re-Patterning
  • Certified Instant Insight Communication Systems™ Relationship Coach
  • Certified Instant Insight Communication Systems™ Sex Coach
  • Trained in Alice Haemmerle’s Client Code™
  • Certified Non Linear Movement Method Teacher