Why Lovers Should Play ‘Monogamy’

A rich relationship full of intimacy, passion, and sexual expression, requires lovers to contribute & articulate their desires, their pleasure, and fantasies. But how do you come up with creative ideas when you don’t really know what’s out there? And how do you know what you like when you haven’t really explored the sexual world? And even if you know all that stuff, how do you bring it up with your partner?

Monogamy! The game, that is, not the word. Regardless of your relationship status; casual, monogamous, polyamorous… this game is a fun and playful way to navigate some new activities together.

The emphasis is on communication, and there are a series of card decks that guide you through conversations, actions, and ideas. What that means is you can talk about things you may feel too shy to initiate otherwise, and sound out what your partner thinks in a playful way.

How to Play Monogamy for Lovers

The game is played three levels; intimate, passionate, and steamy;

Intimate play focuses on lightness & fun, with some sweet kisses and builds the connection between you. I recommend that you play the game at only this level the first time you play to build the anticipation and create a sense of safety for you both. You will create intimacy and keep your desire simmering. Described by Monogamy ” Listen, laugh and learn as you reveal more about you and your partner. The start to your affair”

Passionate play has a heightened physical intimacy and some more titillating questions, with a more sensual focus on the actions. This level brings desire to the fore, and coupled with the safety & intimacy of the intimate level, sets the perfect scene for a sexy lovers night in. Described by Monogamy “More touching, stroking and saucy conversations entwined with exciting sensuous actions.”

The steamy play is, well, steamy! Plan a night away in hotel, or an Air B’nB to set the mood, then lock the doors and order room service. You won’t be needing a suitcase on this holiday – just the clothes you arrived in (and even those not for long!) Described by Monogamy “Hot, hot ,hot. Steamy actions and scenarios to take you to the brink and leave you longing for the final fantasy”

The ideal outcome is for you both to feel connected, intimate, and desirous of more. Paradoxically, sometimes the greatest pleasure and desire comes from the anticipation of  what is next, and not the act itself. Allow yourselves to fully immerse in the seduction and to plan together the future of your fantasies…

The secret for success is to agree on your approach in advance, I recommend that you start by playing only at Intimate level the first time, play Passionate on the next occasion, and introduce Steamy when you both agree you would like to. A few rounds of intimate play before a date night can set the tone for romance & seduction and bring a delightful frisson to your evening!

What is your favourite game for lovers?