The Sugar Doctor Client Portal

Before we get started there are some logistics to take care of~

This will maximise our time in our sessions, and make sure we get going right away!

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Jade if you need any help with any of the below

Step 1. Make Initial Payment

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Your first monthly payment is $375

This 3 month program includes 6 sessions (1 x 90 minute and 5 x 75 minute sessions) 

You will receive an invoice via Square once you let me know you are ready to begin, payment is due prior to commencing program.

Your next 2 monthly payments of $387 will be due on this same day in months 2 and 3, you'll receive a reminder email 1 week before the due date.

Longer term, shame-free, no extra cost payment plans are available, no questions asked. If $387 per month is beyond your budget, we'll work something out! Don't let money be the thing that holds you back.


Step 2. Book your Sessions

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Book your Initial Session here (90 minutes)

I use an online booking system because I value your time, and know it is precious. That means that you can book, reschedule, and otherwise manage your own appointments without wasting time coordinating calendars!

Book your ongoing sessions here (75 minutes)

In our first session, we will plan a program that suits you  in terms of time, location, & frequency. A typical program looks like this.

I recommend you book your full program now so that you get the days and times that you desire.

Step 3. Complete Pre Work

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Complete Relationship Insights here 

It is important to me that my clients are 100% committed to change. With that I mind I have an initial task to begin the process. Your Relationship Insights will step you through identifying what is currently happening, what are the challenges or obstacles, and where you would like to take your relationship.

Please complete before our session to maximise our time together (otherwise we will do in our session).

Complete New Client Application here 

Thank you for making this important.