Date Night Ideas – Newcastle Writers Festival

Date ideas for book lovers

There was a time in my life where I was judgey as fuck about people who didn’t read.

Reading is still my greatest love; the source of my epic fantasy escapes (total fantasy nerd), of my relationship & sexual ongoing education, my business know-how, the way that I learn about and begin to comprehend the diverse experiences and perspectives in this world.

I also really value the things that I learn from others. I don’t care if they are rocket scientists, wine makers, builders, or cleaners. As long as they are passionate, and educated about SOMETHING!

When it comes to long term relationships, many couples drift apart because they don’t have anything to talk about anymore… IMHO that is because they let themselves get stale & boring.

I’m much less judgey now (to be fair though, still judgey a.f. on the education front) I know people have different abilities and interests. AND there are heaps of alternatives – audio books, YouTube, experiential learning.

So let’s ramp up the sexy and book your next date night at the Newcastle Writers Festival !

It’s the perfect addition to our list of awesome date ideas for book lovers. Whether you are an avid (or tepid!) reader, an aspiring writer, or just curious about the whole thing, make sure that the 5th – 7th of April is marked on your calendar for this hot date.

The program for 2019 has something for everyone. There are interviews with authors and writing workshops. Conversation topics include technology, crime, politics, the economy, the past, human rights, the future… and so much more.

Aside from the scheduled events, the city is looking better than ever with the light rail open and the vibe will be high!

Strap on your curiosity and an open mind, and book yourself in for something you wouldn’t normally do. Then go for a walk, have a cheeky beverage, eat some great food, and stimulate your partners, um, brain!