Date Night Ideas – A Nude Ocean Swim

Woman swims nude in the ocean

When I think of summer, I think of long lazy days spent at the beach. Clear blue sky, ocean forever, and the scent of coconut oil. I love the feeling of the hot sun on my bare skin and the cool wash of the water supporting my body. There is something super sexy about the weightlessness. About the taste of salt, echoing sweat or tears. All that skin. The sensation of hot, then cold, then hot again.

When I was dating (right before I met Jimmy T) I met a few of those dates at the beach. I figured, even if they didn’t work out I’d be doing something I loved! There is an erotic frisson when you have skin, and water, and the sparkle of possibility.

And so, this is one of my favourite date night suggestions – a nude ocean swim! Find you somewhere private and get in the sea! For those of you who are Novocastrians, there are some great nude beaches, or you can just find a private nook and dash in. I’m not a real fan of a crowd, give me a deserted beach any day of the week. Even so, the ocean baths at Newcastle & Merewether are amongst my favourite places to be.

Take advantage of these remaining balmy evenings to find yourselves a nice private swimming hole where you can indulge in a cheeky nude swim in the ocean with your partner. There is an incredible freedom for you both when you shed your clothes and get in the waves!

For the shy amongst us, please make sure that you too share this experience by booking a holiday with a private pool, or head out camping somewhere remote. This is for everyone. All bodies. All lovers. You’re welcome.