Date Night Ideas – Learn a Language

A signpost with lots of different cities against a blue sky with a palm tree.

Photo by Deanna Ritchie on Unsplash

Caught a touch of wanderlust? Dreaming of your next trip to the stylish cosmopolitan cities of Paris or Milan? Or the laid back beaches of Bali? Or perhaps you are going off-grid in the Canary Islands, trekking in Tibet, or exploring the unique treasures of Japan.

Wherever you plan to visit, it is a wonderful thing to share a new language with your lover. Book it in for your next  date night with a difference, and tick the boxes for those lovers with Information as a Motivation.

Why it Matters to Learn a New Language

Learning new things together is a fundamental aspect of growing together as a couple. ;

From a neurological perspective, learning continually creates new connections in your brain and helps to keep you sharp, engaged, and interesting! This is important in a long term relationship, life long learners are far better partners & lovers!

In regards to our expanding global village community, it is respectful and generous to share words, ideas, and thoughts with our fellow humans. Doing so in each others native languages is a beautiful gift.

When it comes to the WAY that you think, learning a new language allows you to explore the nuances of the limitations or expansions that come with the words that are available to you. Because your words are the measure of your possibilities!

How to Learn a New Language

There are some pretty amazing language courses available these days;

If time & money allows you could book yourself into a 6-12 week course where you can practice your skills under the expert guidance of a native speaker. You could also sign-up online to a free course, download the Duolingo app, or use Spotify language playlists.

Jimmy T and I are LOVING learning Italian, in anticipation of our trip in October (only 261 sleeps!)