How a Cycling Date Improves Your Relationship

Bike that looks like a watermelon

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Dust off the bicycles, lovers! This is one of the best activities for a fun & active date. Cycling improves your relationship in 3 key ways; Your body is healthier, your mind is happier, and it’s great for your relationship.

That means you get the double bonus of all those lovely exercise endorphins AND to spend time with your lover. BEST. The most important thing is to keep it fun because this ride is to chat, and connect. If you often ride for recreation and fitness, change the pace and make it a cruise. Enjoy the scenery. Stop and smell the roses.

Where to go

Head down to the foreshore in Newcastle for the day and hire a bike. You can hire them for any period of time- from one hour to a day (check out this swipe’n’ride map).Also, the bikes are available 24 hours a day.

You could take a leisurely cycle along the foreshore to Nobby’s beach for a quick swim, perhaps keep going along the Bathers Way to the Newcastle Baths where you might pop into Estabar for a coffee or a meal. I even saw them the other day at the Warners Bay foreshore. In Newy & the Hunter Valley there are so many great paths and trails, which means we’re spoilt for choice. You can find maps on the council website, or check out local groups.

Ramp up your Date

Finally, combine two dates to up the ante on awesome and take the romance to the next level. Pack a romantic picnic and ride together to a beautiful location to enjoy the spread. I’ve got my eye on Grapemobile Bicycle Hire at Pokolbin for a romantic wine tour through the vineyards and restaurants.

A surefire hit for a great date out is a date with wine, a romantic picnic, some leisurely exercise and gorgeous scenery! Wherever you choose to cruise, it will be a day worth spent with sunshine, fresh air & salty kisses in our stunning region.

Where is your favourite spot to ride?