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Your Conscious Relationship is B.S.

I see a lot of “awakened souls” who are walking alone in life, and I cringe as I hear them speaking of the conscious partners they are seeking. Those who will journey with them in the pursuit of a deeper knowledge of self, and a greater contribution to this world.

They journey, for a time, with partners, and always find them lacking in their spiritual development or commitment to growth. “He tells me he will act on this [thing that I am currently obsessing on], and yet he never takes action”, or “I don’t know that I am made for a conventional relationship, I’m not really traditional like that”, or “I’m looking for someone who wants a bond that is spiritual, as well as emotional, mental and physical”.

Well I call bullshit. You are attracting exactly the partner you are ready for, and they are drawn to you to teach you the lesson you need to learn. In the mirror of their soul, you will see the things that frustrate you the most. The things that form the reasons that you are not compatible. The areas where they fall short of your expectations.

I’m sorry, my precious, that this isn’t the lesson that you desire to learn, nor the journey you planned to take, but THIS is the one that really matters. So dig deeper. Stay through the discomfort and doubts. Commit to making it work between your f*^$d up and flawed selves, and only then will you truly be able to access the wisdom your lover has deep in their heart.