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What I Reckon

Why BEING RIGHT can be so wrong.

There’s this thing I see couples do all the time and it MAKES ME CRAZY! They spend so much time fact checking each other, and defending their own precious egos that they make BEING RIGHT the most important thing, and BEING KIND is an afterthought. For real, they say “I’d do anything to save this…

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Your Conscious Relationship is B.S.

I see a lot of “awakened souls” who are walking alone in life, and I cringe as I hear them speaking of the conscious partners they are seeking. Those who will journey with them in the pursuit of a deeper knowledge of self, and a greater contribution to this world. They journey, for a time,…

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What Driving Taught Me About Love

You know that feeling when you are in the flow and headed to your destination and someone pulls right in front of you? They’re cruising along at half the speed limit with the indicator blinking and riding the brakes at each curve in the road. They perform a classic blocking manoeuvre, driving side by side…

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