Being a Team

transition from work to home in a flower bath

Transition Time: The 1 Critical Factor for Couples to Connect Daily

In this day and age where “busy” is a badge of honour, we are scheduled up the wazoo and always on the go. Most people go from one thing to the next with little time for reflection, rest, or connection. What that means is that we are always in the mode of Get Shit Done,…
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Three men and a woman around a wooden table with coffee on a blue & brown tiled floor.

How to Manage Domestic Logistics

“Hey babe, how was your day” “Pretty great, I had a great meeting this morning… oh! and the power bill came in… the dog is due for his shots… there’s washing still on the line… and we need more milk” “Oh yeah, do me now, I love it when you talk domestic logistics with me…”…
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Women with wine wearing Christmas jumpers near a Christmas tree

Top 5 Relationship Challenges at Christmas

The majority of couples are faced with relationship challenges at Christmas (despite what you might see on Insta). This time of year can be so much fun! But it isn’t all reindeers and egg nog… I can still remember the worst Christmas of my life, my ex-partner had gone on a bender and come home…
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What Drives Human Behaviour? The 6 Core Needs Unpacked.

The 6 Core Needs model was developed by Tony Robbins to explain Why We Do What We Do. It describes the fundamental needs that drive and motivate all human behaviour. Those 6 human needs are certainty, variety, love, significance, growth, and contribution. When I first learned this model for understanding behaviour, it was like magic…
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Feedback: The Art of Giving, Receiving, and Implementing

Many people believe they're not getting results they deserve, but they ARE getting the results they've designed. Use feedback to transform your relationships...
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What is Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling?

Does the term Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling take you straight to The Silence of the Lambs? Um, no… me neither… well, that’s not strictly true. For many years I thought profiling was something that we only did to find serial killers. At best I thought it was the tortuous ten minutes you spend for an…
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