Being a Team

How do I Choose Contraception?

What are the options around contraception? How do we navigate those conversations? What are the issues? Check out today’s chat with sexologist Jayne McCartney and Kia Handley on ABC 1233 Newcastle. Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor with Sexologist Jayne McCartney discussing contraception.[Original recording on ABC Radio here.] You can listen to the show live…
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Relationship cycles: winter

The Winter of Love: Rest, Reflect, and Reconnect

The Winter of Love lasts for 12 months of the 7 year seasons of love cycle. This is often a season that couples skip in their headlong rush to do & get more, though in the end winter always comes. Many couples I work with come to me in the winter of their relationship. They have harvested their…
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Dream together with partner

If you don’t DREAM, your relationship DIES

When a couple fails to dream together, they close ALL OF THE DOORS TO POSSIBILITY. They are left with only the options that they stumble over, but don’t have the support systems in place to seize the opportunity. Or, they seize the opportunity and realise many years later that it was never aligned with the…
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close up of womans face and hands looking really frustrated.

Keeping Relationships Healthy in Times of Stress

How do we keep our relationships healthy even in times of stress? The Sugar Doctor talks about this in our latest chat. Posted by Kia Handley on Sunday, 31 March 2019 You can listen to the show live on Monday mornings from 9:30 am on ABC Newcastle at 1233AM or stream live here. Kia Handley is: Not…
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Coloured blocks on a wooden background that spell Love and You (where they share the letter "o")

Learning the Building Blocks for Love

My friend Tash the dog trainer has clients who have 1 session with her and don’t understand why their dog is still doing the thing. They haven’t done the daily training and expect the resolution of the issue to happen in the room with her. Meanwhile THEY still behave in the same way. They reinforce all the…
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The Autumn of Love

The Autumn of Love: Harvest, Let Go, and Celebrate

The Autumn of Love lasts for between 12 and 18 months of the 7 year seasons of love cycle. This is the season that provides you with tangible evidence of your efforts, and can be reward beyond your dreams or devastating beyond belief. In the words of House Stark: Winter is Coming. In the garden,…
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