Sex & Intimacy

Is it Bad for Couples to Sleep in Separate Beds?

Sharing a bed can increase intimacy, connection, and the amount of REM sleep we get, but it isn't always a bed of roses. What do we need to consider when we are deciding whether or not to sleep in separate beds? Tara Thomas & Kia Handley discuss the pros and cons of separate beds. [Includes audio & full transcript]
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sex and porn cucumber

Sex and Porn: How to Talk About It

There's a big gap in reality between sex and porn, Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor discuss how to talk about the issue of sexual expectations that arise from online porn. [Includes audio & full transcript]
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How to Manage Mismatched Libidos

  Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor unpack how to manage mismatched libidos.[Original recording on ABC website here] You can listen to the show live on Monday mornings from 9:30 am on ABC Newcastle at 1233AM or stream live here. Kia Handley is: Not a car! Presenter ABC Newcastle. Loves vintage, Eurovision & great stories. You can…
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three people holding hands

What is Polyamory?

We have been educated to believe that a monogamous relationship is “standard”, and that anything else is a deviation from that norm… but how much do you really know about non monogamy? And what is polyamory? [Full Transcript Below] Audio You can listen to the show live on Monday mornings from 9:30 am on ABC…
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a rose to celebrate Valentine's Day

Should I Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I was going to write a thing, then I read what I wrote last year and still wholeheartedly feel that way, so here it is again… I frequently work with couples who tell me that they don’t need a particular day to celebrate their love, that they can do it any day. They also tell…
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Sexually attracted to someone else

How do I Manage Sexual Attraction Outside my Relationship?

If you're in a relationship, and sexually attracted to someone else, do you "BLOCK or FUCK" it? How do you CHANNEL sexual energy and become a true CREATOR?
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