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Sex & Intimacy

Why Lovers Should Play ‘Monogamy’

A rich relationship full of intimacy, passion, and sexual expression, requires lovers to contribute & articulate their desires, their pleasure, and fantasies. But how do you come up with creative ideas when you don’t really know what’s out there? And how do you know what you like when you haven’t really explored the sexual world?…

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3 Ways to Save Your Marriage From Snoring

Last week I visited some family friends in their new home I was horrified to see that Grant slept on a mattress on the floor in the office. His makeshift ‘room’ had two doors, and was full of the detritus of office work, desk, shelves, papers. In order to get anything from the room, the…

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How to Make Her Orgasm

This is probably the number one question people ask me when we get onto the topic of sex, and as with most relationship issues, the problem is never the problem- If you want to know how to have mindblowing sex, then forget your crotch and look between your ears. Often in a long term relationship…

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