How do I Choose Contraception?

What are the options around contraception? How do we navigate those conversations? What are the issues? Check out today’s chat with sexologist Jayne McCartney and Kia Handley on ABC 1233 Newcastle. Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor with Sexologist Jayne McCartney discussing contraception.[Original recording on ABC Radio here.] You can listen to the show live…
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Woman spends time apart from partner

Time Apart Will Bring You Together

Super quick tip today: Spend time apart. Many couples think that to deepen their connection, they need to spend more time together. I disagree. The key is to spend quality time together, and create a support framework that means you each get at least 4 consecutive hours every week to have time apart. That means…
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a rose to celebrate Valentine's Day

Should I Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I was going to write a thing, then I read what I wrote last year and still wholeheartedly feel that way, so here it is again… I frequently work with couples who tell me that they don’t need a particular day to celebrate their love, that they can do it any day. They also tell…
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Painting of couple who are best friends sitting on the roof of a car watching the sunset

The 3 Key Relationship Roles for Fulfilled Partnerships

Intimate relationships require 3 key relationship roles to bring intimacy, passion, and meaning to a conscious partnership. Co-create with purpose...
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