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Relationship Fundamentals

The 3 Primary Relationship Roles for Couples

Painting of couple who are best friends sitting on the roof of a car watching the sunset

Take yourself back to the halcyon days of the summer of 2013 – 14.  I was simultaneously navigating the unfamiliar territory of online dating, and learning how to successfully implement the 3 primary relationship roles. What I learned is not rocket science, my dear friends, it is simple as all get out; I create my reality,…

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How We Sense Our World

Auditory Words & Phrases Kinaesthetic Words & Phrases Visual Words & Phrases Thanks to Emma Evans for this brilliant article on learning to drive https://roadio.com/magazine/2014/09/learning-style/

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Creating Your Kingdom (and Understanding Your Partner’s)

I always believed that I was an articulate and resourceful communicator, and it wasn’t until the last few years that I realised I had been fundamentally missing the point. It actually doesn’t matter how articulate you are, or how clear your intentions, because the measure of effective communication is whether the message is received. The…

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