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Is Social Media a Force for Good or Evil in Relationships?

Audio Episode Transcript: It is not uncommon these days to make friends on line. There are people who you might only know and speak to in the online world and on social media. And usually that’s fine, nothing to see here, but when does it cross a line? Let’s talk about this this morning. We…
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Toxic Exes and Breaking Up: Managing Boundaries and Behaviour

Audio [Original recording on ABC website here] Episode Transcript: Ah, breaking up. It’s never an easy thing to go through. And in the perfect world, things would end on mutual terms, each partner hoping for the best for one another- “No, no, don’t worry. We’re still friends”… but that’s not always the case. So what happens…
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You Must Stop Pathologising Your Partner!

Audio [Original recording on ABC website here] Episode Transcript: So you think you’re an amateur psychologist? More than ever before we talk openly about mental health, about anxiety, depression, bipolar feelings of flying high and being pretty low, you might be more open talking about triggers and traumas and everything in between. So does that mean…
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Who has the Power as the Decision Maker in Your Relationship?

Audio [Original recording on ABC website here] Episode Transcript: Who makes the decisions in your house? Is this a conversation that you hear quite a bit? “I Dunno, ask your mother.”…”I don’t mind, you pick” On the surface. It can seem minor, no big deal. That one person is the decision maker, but can it become…
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Passive Aggressive Lego Knight

Dealing With Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Nothing makes me crankier than someone who can’t even tell me that they’re cranky! The Sugar Doctor and Kia Handley talk about why people behave passive aggressively, and how to manage it. [Full Transcript Below] Audio You can listen to the show live on Monday mornings from 9:30 am on ABC Newcastle at 1233AM or…
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