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Love & Business

How to Manage Domestic Logistics

Three men and a woman around a wooden table with coffee on a blue & brown tiled floor.

“Hey babe, how was your day” “Pretty great, I had a great meeting this morning… oh! and the power bill came in… the dog is due for his shots… there’s washing still on the line… and we need more milk” “Oh yeah, do me now, I love it when you talk domestic logistics with me…”…

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What is Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling?

picture of young woman's head in black & white against a background of blue binary code

Does the term Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling take you straight to The Silence of the Lambs? Um, no… me neither… well, that’s not strictly true. For many years I thought profiling was something that we only did to find serial killers. At best I thought it was the tortuous ten minutes you spend for an…

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5 Marketing Tips for your Lover

If Love were your business, what would you invest? Time and time again I see couples who have had enough of investing in their relationship – the time, money, and energy that they contribute to their partner is depleting their own resources. So what is the difference between a happy couple, and an exhausted couple?…

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Playing the Long Game in Love & Business

I live and work in a hyper environment of entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs. A drive to succeed and a business you own does not, my friend, an entrepreneur make. Will your product or service change the fabric of our lives? Every day my social media feeds are an endless litany of life hacks, success guides, and…

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Start with Why – How Great Couples Inspire Action

Many couples struggle to make decisions together, from their weekly budget, to how to parent their kids, to where they want to take a holiday. The common thread, each and every time, is that those relationships are lacking a clear and articulate vision for their shared future. So how do successful couples envision their future?…

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