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Is Gossip Bad for Relationships?

Audio [Original recording on ABC website here] Episode Transcript: Would you say you’re a gossip ? I don’t know… I feel like there are levels of gossiping. We all do it to a point, but when you spill the tea all the time, it can start having consequences for your relationships romantic or otherwise. So let’s…
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Should You Keep That Old Friendship?

Audio Episode Transcript: History can mean a lot in a relationship. The longer you’ve known someone, the stronger the bonds can grow, but things can also change in that time. You and I have talked about it when it comes to marriages and long-term romantic relationships, but what about friends and old friendships? Just because…
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Will Keeping a Secret End Your Relationship?

  Audio Episode Transcript: In your mind, what is a secret? If you share something with some people and not others? Is it something that absolutely no one knows except you? Are secrets always bad? Or can they sometimes be something that is a need to know basis? How does keeping a secret impact relationships?…
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No Trespassing Sign

How To Protect Your Personal Boundaries as Restrictions Ease

Personal boundaries have changed rapidly during COVID-19 , how do we identify and maintain our personal boundaries as restrictions ease? [Includes audio & full transcript]
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Smashed Glass symbolising fragile friendships

How Fragile are your Friendships?

How fragile are your friendships? I mean, let’s get really real here. How do you respond if someone doesn’t reply to your text? What do you do if it seems ‘hard’ to arrange a catch-up? Which of your invisible rules have you articulated to your friends? Are you flexible and generous in your interpretations? Get it off your…
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Man & woman listening to music together

Can Men and Women Just be Friends?

Can men and women be friends Can men and women be friends? JUST friends and nothing else? It's a big question and The Sugar Doctor answered it! Posted by Kia Handley on Sunday, 3 March 2019   You can listen to the show live on Monday mornings from 9:30 am on ABC Newcastle at 1233AM…
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