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3 Powerful Ways to Give & Receive Love

Love isn’t only something you feel, it is something you do. It is the way you give & receive love such that your partner FEELS it. Time and time again I speak to couples who tell me that they know intellectually they are loved, but they don’t feel loved. They don’t feel appreciated. They don’t…
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How to Recognise a Toxic Drama Cycle

This model of the Karpman drama triangle is a framework to help understand some of the destructive patterns of engagement that play out between people. This may be slightly different to what you have learned or seen before, it is a model I learned from my mentor Alice Haemmerle and also has layers from my…
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Painting of couple who are best friends sitting on the roof of a car watching the sunset

The 3 Key Relationship Roles for Fulfilled Partnerships

Intimate relationships require 3 key relationship roles to bring intimacy, passion, and meaning to a conscious partnership. Co-create with purpose...
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Which of the 5 Senses is Your Lead NLP Style?

We all experience the world primarily through our 5 senses; visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, gustatory, olfactory. But which of these senses is your lead NLP style? And what does that mean for your partner & your relationship?
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The NLP Communication Model in Relationships

The NLP Communication model provided me with a framework to understand how to motivate, communicate, and connect with my partner, and better understand myself.
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