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Your Attachment Style and How You Argue

  Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor talk about how the way you were raised influences your style of conflict.[Original recording on ABC website here] You can listen to the show live on Monday mornings from 9:30 am on ABC Newcastle at 1233AM or stream live here. Kia Handley is: Not a car! Presenter ABC Newcastle. Loves…
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Relationship cycles: winter

The Winter of Love: Rest, Reflect, and Reconnect

The Winter of Love lasts for 12 months of the 7 year seasons of love cycle. This is often a season that couples skip in their headlong rush to do & get more, though in the end winter always comes. Many couples I work with come to me in the winter of their relationship. They have harvested their…
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The Autumn of Love

The Autumn of Love: Harvest, Let Go, and Celebrate

The Autumn of Love lasts for between 12 and 18 months of the 7 year seasons of love cycle. This is the season that provides you with tangible evidence of your efforts, and can be reward beyond your dreams or devastating beyond belief. In the words of House Stark: Winter is Coming. In the garden,…
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Four seasons of relationships

The 4 Seasons of Love: How to Escape the 7 Year Itch

What are The Seasons of Love? In mapping the development of relationships to climatic seasons, we see that there are no better models or metaphors than those we find in nature. As relationships evolve, they move both in a linear fashion from their conception to their death, as well as through circular temporal and energetic…
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Book on bare legs with tea and pine tree

Recommended Resources

People are always asking me “what can I read?” The long answer is: there are many valuable resources for relationships. The helpfulness depends on your personal experience and your desire, capacity, and efficacy of implementation. You may, in fact, be solving the wrong problem. That is, you have self diagnosed something in your relationship, and…
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What Drives Human Behaviour? The 6 Core Needs Unpacked.

The 6 Core Needs model was developed by Tony Robbins to explain Why We Do What We Do. It describes the fundamental needs that drive and motivate all human behaviour. Those 6 human needs are certainty, variety, love, significance, growth, and contribution. When I first learned this model for understanding behaviour, it was like magic…
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