Emotional Intelligence

breathe embodiment practice

The Importance of an Embodiment Practice for Intimacy

An embodiment practice is a vital component in any therapy modality. KQ, or body intelligence, allows you to unlock your bodies wisdom to release trauma,  release tension, and experience pleasure. If you ever find yourself “looping” on a problem in your mind, this is a really great cue that a daily embodiment practice would be…
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Sexually attracted to someone else

How do I Manage Sexual Attraction Outside my Relationship?

If you're in a relationship, and sexually attracted to someone else, do you "BLOCK or FUCK" it? How do you CHANNEL sexual energy and become a true CREATOR?
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Yes and No Signs for creating boundaries

Hot Tips to Define Your Boundaries

How to define your boundaries is one of the trickiest things to navigate in a relationship; Even when we are clear about what our personal boundaries are, it can still be a challenge to articulate and maintain them with others. Qualitative researcher, Dr Brené Brown, says that according to her research, the primary reasons people…
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Women with wine wearing Christmas jumpers near a Christmas tree

Top 5 Relationship Challenges at Christmas

The majority of couples are faced with relationship challenges at Christmas (despite what you might see on Insta). This time of year can be so much fun! But it isn’t all reindeers and egg nog… I can still remember the worst Christmas of my life, my ex-partner had gone on a bender and come home…
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What Drives Human Behaviour? The 6 Core Needs Unpacked.

The 6 Core Needs model was developed by Tony Robbins to explain Why We Do What We Do. It describes the fundamental needs that drive and motivate all human behaviour. Those 6 human needs are certainty, variety, love, significance, growth, and contribution. When I first learned this model for understanding behaviour, it was like magic…
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man walks past graffiti of the word courage

A Story About Maintaining My Boundaries

The hardest part of maintaining my boundaries is that sometimes it feels BAD. In that moment of choosing myself, I will be uncomfortable. This is the story of one of those times.
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