Emotional Intelligence

How to Say Sorry (and Really Mean It)

How to say sorry is so fundamental to our relationships, that it ought to be taught at every level of education. Why do people find it so hard to say sorry? And what constitutes a great apology? [Includes audio & full transcript]
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Your Attachment Style and How You Argue

What are attachment styles and how do they influence the way we approach conflict with our partners?
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Do Unresolvable Issues Mean Game Over?

How do you know the difference between solvable and unresolvable issues in your relationship? And does it mean that you’re incompatible and should break up? Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor talk about how to navigate conflict when you just can’t agree. [Full Transcript Below] Audio You can listen to the show live on Monday…
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Smashed Glass symbolising fragile friendships

How Fragile are your Friendships?

How fragile are your friendships? I mean, let’s get really real here. How do you respond if someone doesn’t reply to your text? What do you do if it seems ‘hard’ to arrange a catch-up? Which of your invisible rules have you articulated to your friends? Are you flexible and generous in your interpretations? Get it off your…
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The Dos and Don’ts of Breaking Up

Audio [Original recording on ABC website here] Episode Transcript: Breakups, they suck, there isn’t enough ice cream, there isn’t enough of this chick [Celine Dion music] Who hasn’t belted this one out while they cry under the shower?  [laughing] after a breakup, [music] Sometimes there’s not even people that you can turn to for some…
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How to Deal with Jealousy in your Relationship

Is jealousy an issue in your relationship? What do you do when the green eyed monster rears its ugly head? The Sugar Doctor and Kia Handley discuss how to deal with jealousy in intimate relationships. [Includes audio & full transcript]
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