Date Night Ideas

How to Plan a Movie Date Night Extravaganza!

This isn’t just any date night, create an experience by planning a movie date night extravaganza! Select a movie (or a series) that you know your partner will love, it could be a favourite of theirs, or one they have expressed a desire to see. (If you don’t know, FFS ask!) WHERE TO GO FOR…
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Date ideas for book lovers

Date Night Ideas – Newcastle Writers Festival

There was a time in my life where I was judgey as fuck about people who didn’t read. Reading is still my greatest love; the source of my epic fantasy escapes (total fantasy nerd), of my relationship & sexual ongoing education, my business know-how, the way that I learn about and begin to comprehend the…
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Date Night Cooking School

This Date Will Give You an Appetite (For Love)

There is something profound about a date night cooking & preparing food with your lover. It is an experience that encompasses the full gamut of your senses: The fragrance & freshness of your ingredients awakens your sense of smell. The kinaesthetic experience of your mise en place, preparing & placing your ingredients & tools gets…
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Wine and Pizza Date

Date Night Ideas – Wine & Pizza

I’m sure this is a massive cliche, and still it’s one of my all time favourite dates, wine & pizza at the beach. This date is the bomb because it combines three of my favourite things; The beach Cheese (in it’s melty browned pizza form) Wine It’s a cliche because it’s been done to death,…
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Woman swims nude in the ocean

Date Night Ideas – A Nude Ocean Swim

When I think of summer, I think of long lazy days spent at the beach. Clear blue sky, ocean forever, and the scent of coconut oil. I love the feeling of the hot sun on my bare skin and the cool wash of the water supporting my body. There is something super sexy about the…
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A signpost with lots of different cities against a blue sky with a palm tree.

Date Night Ideas – Learn a Language

Caught a touch of wanderlust? Dreaming of your next trip to the stylish cosmopolitan cities of Paris or Milan? Or the laid back beaches of Bali? Or perhaps you are going off-grid in the Canary Islands, trekking in Tibet, or exploring the unique treasures of Japan. Wherever you plan to visit, it is a wonderful…
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