Being Best Friends

Superhero who would do anything for love

I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)

Okay, time for me to get a bit ranty again, there’s something that couples do that makes me MAD (you know, along with the other billion things I rant about!) They say “I love them so much, I’d do anything for them.” And then the truth of the matter is that’s a load of hot…
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man walks past graffiti of the word courage

A Story About Maintaining My Boundaries

The hardest part of maintaining my boundaries is that sometimes it feels BAD. In that moment of choosing myself, I will be uncomfortable. This is the story of one of those times.
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Are you a GIVER or a GETTER of significance?

I used to be masterful at the cutting remark, the quick quip to get a laugh. I used to be proud of it. It was part of my defense system throughout my working life in kitchens, bars, and then in the construction industry. I thought I had to be tough to survive. It is a…
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Painting of couple who are best friends sitting on the roof of a car watching the sunset

The 3 Relationship Roles; Best Friends, Lovers, and Creators

What are the 3 Relationship Roles? As we each navigate our lives we live & breathe so many different roles in so many different contexts that it can feel like the United States of Tara in there! At least it sometimes feels that way for me (Business Owner. Lover. Friend. Partner. Coach. Wife. Dog Mum.…
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