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Passive Aggressive Lego Knight

Dealing With Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Nothing makes me crankier than someone who can’t even tell me that they’re cranky! The Sugar Doctor and Kia Handley talk about why people behave passive aggressively, and how to manage it. [Full Transcript Below] Audio You can listen to the show live on Monday mornings from 9:30 am on ABC Newcastle at 1233AM or…
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From Partner to Carer: Navigating Difficult Role Transition

Making the transition from partner to carer can be sudden and provide a big challenge to your relationship. Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor talk about how to navigate shifting dynamics in your relationship when one partner requires an additional level of care due to illness, accident, or disability. [Full Transcript Below] Audio You can…
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How to Plan a Movie Date Night Extravaganza!

This isn’t just any date night, create an experience by planning a movie date night extravaganza! Select a movie (or a series) that you know your partner will love, it could be a favourite of theirs, or one they have expressed a desire to see. (If you don’t know, FFS ask!) WHERE TO GO FOR…
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The Dos and Don’ts of Breaking Up

If crying in the shower or eating buck loads of ice cream aren’t helping you get through a breakup, what could? DO:✅Practice self care✅Learn & Grow✅Give yourself time DON’T:❌Listen to Celine Dion. Like, ever.❌Get caught up in drama❌Try to be “right” Is it possible to breakup well and what might that look like? Kia Handley…
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Top Tips for a Happy Relationship

  Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor find out listeners best tips to keep the love alive.[Original recording on ABC Radio here.] You can listen to the show live on Monday mornings from 9:30 am on ABC Newcastle at 1233AM or stream live here. Kia Handley is: Not a car! Presenter ABC Newcastle. Loves vintage, Eurovision & great…
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