The Unbeatable Romance of a Candlelit Dinner Date

A candle-lit dinner has been a daily act of romance in my house since early 2015. We moved from a tiny little granny flat, into a tiny little house on the water at Lake Munmorah. One of the first things we did was pick up a secondhand dining table & chairs from Gumtree (how good is it! Don’t tell me you can’t afford to set yourself up for romance, snag a freebie or a cheapy on Gumtree!)

TBH I’ve never been much of a TV watcher, and we definitely aren’t the kind of couple who hunker down on the couch to eat. I believe that kind of mindless meal leads to mindless relationships, mindless health, and, well, a mind that is at the mercy of the idiot box. For hundreds of years, meals have been symbolic of relationship building, and to break bread each day is such a beautiful choice.

Each evening we  throw on some tunes (see below for some Spotify faves). He lights the candles and lays the table. We sit across the table from each other, so that we can see our eyes, and expressions, and we share mealtime. We have been delighted at our new sense of connection after only changing this. We sit across from each other, talk about our day, and are present to each other.

Such a small change can elevate the daily routine from mundane to elegant & romantic. It also has meant that the lighting of the candle is a ritual reminder that our meal is a time for connection, not logistics!  This is even more important for those of you who have children – a shared meal & conversation will teach them habits about food, conversation, and relationships that will last them a lifetime.

Some of my fave starter songs for a dinner ‘radio’ playlist:  Norah Jones | Come Away With Me,  Buena Vista Social Club | Chan Chan, Jose Gonzalez | Down the Line, Katie Melua | The One I Love is Gone, Gotye | Making Mirrors. You can also play straight from two of my fave lists “Cruisey Upbeat” and “Chill Zone” that I love and update regularly. It’s your night though, pick music that YOU find relaxing and intimate.