Best Eighties Inspired Bowling Date

“For $7:50, you get two games, shoe-hire, hot dog, fries, and a coke!”

Okay, so I’m showing my age –  back in the days when the Mr Men shoes were at their daggiest, and a birthday party at the bowling alley was the ultimate! Those were the days…

These days the price tag is a little higher, but the fun factor is still huge. Bowling is a great date because it has all the ingredients for fun; laughter, play, and growth.

When we stop taking ourselves so seriously, life becomes lighter and laughter more frequent. Who cares if you suck at bowling? TBH, it’s really all about the swag. A gutter ball is way eclipsed by a stylish strut and signature move at the moment of release. A celebratory strike dance is a must.

If you love playing as a team, you could go all in and join a local league. I dunno, maybe even get the jackets (seriously, get the jackets). If you want the flexibility & intimacy of bowling together with the competition of a league – try a Shadow League. That means you bowl each week at the time that suits you, and enter your results into the league table.

Newcastle locals can check out Strike in Charlestown which is très adult, with a full bar, karaoke booths, pizza, and even laser tag!.For retro rockers, SuperStrike at Warners Bay, Mayfield, Maitland & Salamander Bay have late night unlimited games, a licensed bar, and a shadow league.