Boundaries Month 1 ~ Feeling In

Reflection Questions

Planting Seeds

When do I feel I am in my body, and how do I know?

When do I feel like I'm not in my body, and how do I know?

What does it feel like to be "in my head?"

How would I describe my experience of different sensations?

What else have I noticed?

Daily Practices

Nurturing Love
  • Feeling In (heart)
  • Feeling In (breath)
  • FEEL (in the shower)
  • Feel (in the wild)
  • Embodiment practice


Structure to Soar
  1. Create reminders
  2. Practice daily
  3. Notice sensations

Remember: Take your time to work through this program. It's what you do today that matters.

The cumulative effect of small actions over time creates true intimacy & connection.