Tara loves to write. In this blog, you will find rich discussions and ideas on how to improve your relationships. From ways to resolve issues, to how-to's, date night ideas, and everything about marriage and couples therapy Newcastle, The Sugar Doctor blog has it covered.

Best Eighties Inspired Bowling Date

“For $7:50, you get two games, shoe-hire, hot dog, fries, and a coke!” Okay, so I’m showing my age –  back in the days when the Mr Men shoes were at their daggiest, and a birthday party at the bowling alley was the ultimate! Those were the days… These days the price tag is a…
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Date Night Ideas – Pack a Romantic Picnic

This is one of my all-time favourite dates. Jimmy T and I have picnics everywhere. From our tongue in cheek “ute-nic” (which involves parking somewhere pretty with food), to a full blown gourmet picnic in a romantic locations with a full spread. It is a super versatile date, and can be delivered at all price…
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The Top 5 Benefits of Date Night

Date Night, to be honest, can be a real drag…I get it. You’re busy. In a life that is packed with  Important Things, when you have down-time you just want to chill. For many couples that means that Date Night is relegated to special celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, events) and doesn’t have a place in their…
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The 5 Invisible Friendship Rules

The best of my friendships are found in that sweet spot between shared interests & values, great communication, and aligned “rules” of engagement. That is, once we meet the criteria of being friends, the depth is dictated by the degree of match between our secret invisible criteria for successful relationships. It is definitely possible to…
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The Top 3 Reasons Friendships End Badly

The day we had the fight, I was gutted. I spent the afternoon feeling shocked, that numbness that envelops you like cotton wool, keeping in the frustration and anger and short circuiting any possibility for rational thinking. It was my fault. At any rate, the final straw was placed by me. I didn’t answer a…
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Which of the 5 Senses is Your Lead NLP Style?

Auditory Words & Phrases Kinaesthetic Words & Phrases Visual Words & Phrases Thanks to Emma Evans for this brilliant article on learning to drive
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How We Interpret the World (The NLP Communication Model)

I always believed that I was an articulate and resourceful communicator, and it wasn’t until the last few years that I realised I had been fundamentally missing the point. It actually doesn’t matter how articulate you are, or how clear your intentions, because the measure of effective communication is whether the message is received. The…
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Image of Saint Sebastian being shot with arrows

Why Being a Martyr is Selfish

I get it. I totally do. And as a reformed martyr I will be preaching the loudest. Playing the martyr is the ultimate selfishness, and it is exhausting for those who love you. Your inability to create and maintain your own boundaries leaves everyone around you feeling drained. Your refusal to prioritise your own wellness…
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