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The Invisible Rules of Friendship

The best of my friendships are found in that sweet spot between shared interests & values, great communication, and aligned “rules” of engagement. That is, once we meet the criteria of being friends, the depth is dictated by the degree of match between our secret invisible criteria for successful relationships. It is definitely possible to…

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The Top 3 Reasons Friendships Implode

The day we had the fight, I was gutted. I spent the afternoon feeling shocked, that numbness that envelops you like cotton wool, keeping in the frustration and anger and short circuiting any possibility for rational thinking. It was my fault. At any rate, the final straw was placed by me. I didn’t answer a…

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“You’re Welcome” are the Hardest Words

There is a really important lesson I would love to share, something that has continued to have a profound impact on my relationships. It is that giving is a circle. What I mean is that it is equally as important to receive as it is to give. Strangely enough I find that I spend equal…

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Your Conscious Relationship is B.S.

I see a lot of “awakened souls” who are walking alone in life, and I cringe as I hear them speaking of the conscious partners they are seeking. Those who will journey with them in the pursuit of a deeper knowledge of self, and a greater contribution to this world. They journey, for a time,…

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How We Sense Our World

Auditory Words & Phrases Kinaesthetic Words & Phrases Visual Words & Phrases Thanks to Emma Evans for this brilliant article on learning to drive https://roadio.com/magazine/2014/09/learning-style/

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