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Who has the Power as the Decision Maker in Your Relationship?

Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: Is it Common for One Partner to be the Decision Maker? Do We Naturally Fall into Decision Making Patterns? What are the Pros to Personal Decision Making Styles? What are the Signs That This is an Issue? What Does “Decision Maker” Conflict Look Like? What are the Myers-Briggs Thinker/Feeler Differences? On…
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Passive Aggressive Lego Knight

Dealing With Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Nothing makes me crankier than someone who can’t even tell me that they’re cranky! The Sugar Doctor and Kia Handley talk about why people behave passive aggressively, and how to manage it. [Full Transcript Below] Contents; AudioEpisode Transcript:Is There Really a Spray for Passive Aggressive People?What Does it Mean to be Passive Aggressive?Why Do People…
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office romance

Are Office Romances a Bad Idea?

What are the pros and cons when you are considering an office romance? Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor talk about navigating love in the workplace. [Full Transcript Below] Contents; AudioEpisode Transcript:What Factors Influence Office Romance?Is There Still Stigma About Dating Colleagues?What is Changing in Workplace Dating?What if a Colleague Just Wants to Be Friends?What…
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sex and porn cucumber

Sex and Porn: How to Talk About It

There’s a big gap in reality between sex and porn, Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor discuss how to talk about the issue of sexual expectations that arise from online porn. [Full Transcript Below] Contents; AudioHave You Seen This Ad From NZ on Sex and Porn?What’s Great About This Sex and Porn Campaign?Are Australians Bad…
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No Trespassing Sign

How To Protect Your Personal Boundaries as Restrictions Ease

Personal boundaries have changed rapidly during COVID-19 , how do we identify and maintain our personal boundaries as restrictions ease? [Includes audio & full transcript]
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From Partner to Carer: Navigating Difficult Role Transition

Making the transition from partner to carer can be sudden and provide a big challenge to your relationship. Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor talk about how to navigate shifting dynamics in your relationship when one partner requires an additional level of care due to illness, accident, or disability. [Full Transcript Below] Contents; AudioEpisode Transcript:Is…
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Never Text Your Ex at Christmas!

Should you text your ex at Christmas? Or reply to a holiday message from them? Learn why Tara says "Don't text your ex!" and what to do instead. [Includes audio & full transcript]
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How to Retire without Getting Divorced

How do you retire without getting divorced? Why is that when You’ve finally raised the children, finished work, and have your whole future ahead of you, some couples realise they don’t like each other any more, while others retire happily ever after? Kia Handley and The Sugar Doctor talk about how to keep retire without getting…
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How to Say Sorry (and Really Mean It)

How to say sorry is so fundamental to our relationships, that it ought to be taught at every level of education. Why do people find it so hard to say sorry? And what constitutes a great apology? [Full Transcript Below] Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: Why Don’t We Know How to Say Sorry? How Do Develop…
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Is it Bad to Have a Relationship Age Gap?

Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: Are Relationship Age Gaps Different for Famous People? What Does it Mean to be at Different Life Stages? Is There a Perfect Relationship Age Gap? How Young is Too Young? What Happens to Power Dynamics with a Relationship Age Gap? What are the Benefits of a Relationship Age Gap? How Does…
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