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Playing the Long Game in Love & Business

I live and work in a hyper environment of entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs. A drive to succeed and a business you own does not, my friend, an entrepreneur make. Will your product or service change the fabric of our lives? Every day my social media feeds are an endless litany of life hacks, success guides, and…

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Start with Why – How Great Couples Inspire Action

Many couples struggle to make decisions together, from their weekly budget, to how to parent their kids, to where they want to take a holiday. The common thread, each and every time, is that those relationships are lacking a clear and articulate vision for their shared future. So how do successful couples envision their future?…

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3 Ways to Save Your Marriage From Snoring

Last week I visited some family friends in their new home I was horrified to see that Grant slept on a mattress on the floor in the office. His makeshift ‘room’ had two doors, and was full of the detritus of office work, desk, shelves, papers. In order to get anything from the room, the…

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Why You Need to Stop Driving Like a Rally Driver

“I would usually drive much faster, but today I have precious cargo” he said to me on our first date. I remember this so clearly because this was the first time that a man had demonstrated to me his concern for not only my safety, but for my experience of driving with him. And it…

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What Driving Taught Me About Love

You know that feeling when you are in the flow and headed to your destination and someone pulls right in front of you? They’re cruising along at half the speed limit with the indicator blinking and riding the brakes at each curve in the road. They perform a classic blocking manoeuvre, driving side by side…

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