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When Can I Stop Calling Myself Divorced

Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: Do I Have to Keep Calling Myself Divorced Forever? Why Do I Feel Stigma About Calling Myself Divorced? What Does Calling Myself Divorced Mean About My Relationship Status? What Does Calling Myself Divorced Mean About My Identity? Is it Okay To Ask About People’s Relationship Status? Do I Have to Tell…
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Is it Bad for Couples to Sleep in Separate Beds?

Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: What Factors Do We Need to Consider If We’re Considering Separate Beds? What are the Individual Factors? What are Some of the Benefits & Challenges of Sleeping Together? How Do You Talk to Your Partner About Sleeping in Separate Beds? Are There Creative Solutions if You Sleep in Separate Beds? What…
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What is a Textationship? Are Text-Only Relationships Legitimate?

Audio Episode Transcript: All we do is text! Have you heard your friends say this about relationships? They have, maybe it starts with online dating and the banter is good, but it never goes anywhere. You may not even have a phone call or a face-to-face chat. Welcome to a textationship.  Let’s hear more about…
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Is Gossip Bad for Relationships?

Audio [Original recording on ABC website here] Episode Transcript: Would you say you’re a gossip ? I don’t know… I feel like there are levels of gossiping. We all do it to a point, but when you spill the tea all the time, it can start having consequences for your relationships romantic or otherwise. So let’s…
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Should You Keep That Old Friendship?

Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: How Important Are Friendships? Does Proximity Make Friendships Easy? Is It Harder to Make Friends as an Adult? Do Old Friendships Naturally Evolve or Fade Out? When is it Time to End Your Old Friendship? Audio Episode Transcript: History can mean a lot in a relationship. The longer you’ve known someone,…
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Will Keeping a Secret End Your Relationship?

  Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: What is the Definition of a Secret? What are the Impacts of Keeping a Secret? Are There Good and Bad Secrets? How Do You Decide Whether to Tell Your Secret? How Do You Go About Sharing a Secret? Audio Episode Transcript: In your mind, what is a secret? If you…
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Is Social Media a Force for Good or Evil in Relationships?

Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: Are We Spending More Time Connecting on Social Media than Face-to-face? People Lie so Much Online! What is the Role of Social Media in our Lives? What are the Benefits of Social Media? Is Social Media an Evil Force in Relationships? How do We Know if We are Crossing the Line?…
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Toxic Exes and Breaking Up: Managing Boundaries and Behaviour

Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: What is a Toxic Ex? What are the Signs an Ex Might Become Toxic? Why Do Breakups Become Toxic? How is Breaking Up Like Drug Withdrawal? How Can I Be Kind and Still Maintain Boundaries? Should I Make a Clean Break? Can I Still Vent with Friends or Family? Will Time…
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Why You Must Stop Pathologising Your Partner!

Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: What Does ‘Pathologising Your Partner’ Mean? Why Do We Pathologise People? Whose Issue is this? Is it Relational? Or Pathology? What Happens When We Pathologise Our Partner? How Do I Know if I Am Pathologising My Partner? Is it Hard to Acknowledge We’re Pathologising Someone? What Can I Do Instead? Audio…
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Who has the Power as the Decision Maker in Your Relationship?

Contents; Audio Episode Transcript: Is it Common for One Partner to be the Decision Maker? Do We Naturally Fall into Decision Making Patterns? What are the Pros to Personal Decision Making Styles? What are the Signs That This is an Issue? What Does “Decision Maker” Conflict Look Like? What are the Myers-Briggs Thinker/Feeler Differences? On…
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