Acts of Love – Breakfast in Bed

A really nice lazy way to start the day is with a leisurely breakfast served in bed… by the love of your life.

Write a little plan for a breaky you know your partner would enjoy, that might mean getting your chef on with an omelette, pancakes, or some hipster acai bowl (btw that’s pronounced a-sah-ee)… or, you know, coffee and a slice of toast. Whatever floats their boat. This is going to require some preparation, you’ll need to have your groceries prepped and stored. You don’t necessarily need to plan a surprise, in fact in many households that’s completely impractical! It can be even more exciting to look forward to a few days in advance.

Pay attention to the details, because they matter. Make it pretty. Flowers, a herb garnish, a flourish that says “I thought about this, I want you to know you are adored”.

And now for the pièce de résistance: the peace & quiet required for them to enjoy their beautiful gift undisturbed.
For those of you lovers out there with little ones, that’s probably going to mean that you leave the room and go entertain the kids for half an hour. Imagine that! Half a luxurious hour in bed with the paper or a good book, and your delicious meal.